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28595 E County 11th St., Wellton AZ 85356

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Welcome to Pioneer RV Park

Pioneer RV Park is a 55 and older RV Park community located near Yuma Arizona. Whether you’re coming for a night, a week, or even the season, we have everything you need to make your visit fun! We are located just 29 miles east of Yuma off of Interstate 8. Wellton offers clear, mild winters, in the heart of the Wellton-Mohawk Valley. We are a great destination for visitors! Step back and enjoy the change of pace at our beautiful RV Park in the Arizona desert! There is so much to see and do while you enjoy your stay with us. Expect a warm welcome and smiles when you arrive. There are plenty of things to do to keep your days busy, or you can choose to do nothing at all and just enjoy the slower pace of the Arizona desert. Make Pioneer RV Park a “MUST STOP” location on your Arizona RV Park itinerary – we’re sure you won’t be sorry!

Are you tired of hauling your rig, BBQ grill, and toys back and forth? Pioneer RV in Wellton offers you the opportunity to leave them at the RV Park during the summer, at no additional charge!* A unique advantage of Pioneer RV Park is our super large spaces. Tired of being cramped into a tiny RV space? Want some privacy? Our spaces are the largest in Yuma County. We have spaces that are an incredible 45′ x 70′! Enough room to park your vehicle, golf cart, ATV, AND motorcycle. Pioneer RV Park offers these outstanding RV Park features and recreation for their guests. These are just some of the features we have for our guests:

  • Extra Large Spaces (45′ x 60′ and 45′ x 70′)
  • Full Hook-Ups
  • 20-30-50 Amp Electric
  • Concrete/Gravel Pads
  • Close to Yuma
  • Beautiful Heated Pool & Large Spa
  • Shuffleboards Courts
  • Horse Shoe Courts & Tournaments
  • Pickle Ball
  • Pet Friendly
  • Easy Going Atmosphere
  • Game Room/Pool Room
  • Planned Fun Activities
  • Large Laundry Room
  • Motorcycle Friendly Roads
  • Near Golf Courses

2023-2024 RV Rates (subject to change / please call)

Daily $42 + Tax
Weekly $250 + Tax
Monthly $445 + Electric
Seasonal $2,300 + Electric
Year-Round $2700 or $225 + Electric Monthly
(Park Models, RV's or Sheds)

All deposits are non-refundable. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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  • RENT:

    Rent is due and payable in advance whether by the day, week or month. Extra people staying with you must register in the office. There will be a $2.00 charge for each person per night. NO SUBLETTING ALLOWED.


    Quiet hours are from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. except for New Year s Eve and dance night.


    To protect the park s residential atmosphere, there will be no major repairs on R.V. s or automobiles. Check with manager.


    The tenants are responsible for their guests. Children are allowed to visit and use park facilities when accompanied by their parents or grandparents.

  • PETS:

    Pets are allowed in the park, however, tenants must walk their pets on a leash not more than 62 long, to outside of park and pick up droppings immediately. No pets are allowed in or around the buildings. Pets cannot be left unattended.


    Strictly enforced at 10 M.P.H.


    Large bins are centrally located. Please tie garbage in plastic bags and crush boxes. PLEASE DO NOT PUT MOTOR OIL OR TIRES IN THE DUMPSTERS. It is against the law and heavy fines are applied.

  • R.V. SITES:

    Your spaces must be kept tidy in appearance. Only one R.V. per site. Sewer connections must be sealed (screw in, no push in) Sewer connections must have a means of supporting and sloping your drain hose for proper drainage. Plastic graduated hose supporters are highly recommended. Wood should not be used due to insect infestation. No bird feeders, charcoal fires, tents, clotheslines, or auxiliary power units. No washers or dryers in units. Please do not walk through or behind occupied spaces. ABSOLUTELY NO DRIVING IN MEDIAN BETWEEN AND BEHIND TRAILERS.


    Emergency calls will be delivered as fast as possible. Please have your family call during regular business hours unless it is an emergency.


    Check with management before any digging. Planting trees or shrubs is not allowed. Annuals must be pulled when vacating park.


    See manager before laying brick. Extra cement is not allowed. No wooden pallets to be used for patio extensions. All brick must stay when guest leaves.


    Some spaces are not available for park models and some restrictions apply. Check with management. Permanent units cannot be over 10 years old. No washers or dryers in units, no heat strips.

  • SHEDS:

    Must be manufactured metal construction or new Masonite siding. Some restrictions apply so please see management for placement on your lot. There shall be no washers or dryers in sheds or on porches. No electrical lines to sheds.


    Check with management before digging, changing or adding anything to your site. PERMITS: Permits must be obtained from the county where applicable. If you are not sure what applies, please ask. Management must have a copy of all permits before any work starts

RV Parking

Almost all of our spaces are “back-ins”. There are only a few pull thru spaces. All tenants must check in upon arrival and parking assistance by the management is required. You may only drive on designated roads. DO NOT DRIVE ACROSS OR BEHIND ANY OF THE SPACES OR IN THE BAYS BETWEEN OR BEHIND THE SPACES. If you do, you will be liable for any and all damage to the septic system and the electrical pedestal and the sewer, water and electrical lines. Also, you will be immediately evicted and your rent will be retained to offset the damages. The front of your RV must be three (3) to five (5) feet back from the curb. Per local zoning ordinances, only one RV may be parked on a space. When moving in or out, you may park a second RV on your space for 48 hours, but you may not have two units plugged into the pedestal simultaneously. Also, we do not allow semi-trailers in the park.

Space Maintenance

Your space must be kept tidy in appearance. Your space will be clear of weeds and debris when you arrive. You will be responsible for keeping it that way while you occupy the space. You may not dig on your space or modify it in any fashion without first completing a lot change request and obtaining manager’s approval. If you skirt your unit, the skirting must be attractive material and not cardboard, old boards, tin, etc. When you leave, the space should appear as it did when you arrived. If you put pavers down, they must remain on the site. The park management has the right to refuse tenancy if the RV or park model has not been maintained in good condition, or appears run down. Only minor repairs are allowed onsite.

Sewer Connection

Your sewer connection must be a screw-in connection. The sewer hose must be off the ground and sloped to the drop. All RVs (other than park models) must be self-contained with black and gray water tanks. Do not dispose of anything in the toilet except toilet paper.

Vehicle Parking

There is room to park two (2) vehicles on each space beside the cement pad. You may not park on the other side of the RV in front of or behind the electrical pedestal. Your guests may park in the street in front of your space on a short term basis (less than 24 hours). Parking is not allowed in empty spaces.


Smoking is prohibited in or around the common areas. Per Arizona state law, you may not smoke within 20 feet of public doors or windows. Please dispose of your butts properly.

Speed Limit

10 MPH DAYLIGHT HOURS / 5PM AT DARK. Speeders will be warned for first violation and fined $10.00 per incident thereafter. Inform your guests of the speed limit.


We are pet friendly! You may walk your pets inside or outside of the park, however, they must be on a leash and you must pick up after them immediately. Do not allow your pet to go to the bathroom on another tenant’s space or property. There is a designated “dog park” at the northeast corner of the park where your dog may roam off leash. Pets are not allowed in or around the main building or the park recreation areas. Never leave your pet outside unattended. Do not leave your pet out overnight. Please maintain current vaccinations.

Pool & Spa

Our pool and spa are not open to the public. You must shower before entering the pool or spa and shower again before getting in the water if you use oils or lotions. Do not eat or drink anything in the pool or spa. Please place a towel over the lounge chairs and pillows when using them. Read and obey all signs posted in the pool area. All guests of tenants must check in at the office before using the pool and/or spa. Guests of tenants who are minors, must be accompanied by the tenant. Children who are not yet potty-trained are not allowed in the pool or spa. The pool and spa are open from 8:00am until 9:30pm. There is no lifeguard on duty; you swim at your own risk!


Please NO bird feeders*, open fires, charcoal, tents, clotheslines or indoor furniture outdoors. (Propane “fire pits”, heaters, grills and pellet grills are OK.) The use of washer / dryers in your RV or on your space is also prohibited. Also, please do not walk through occupied spaces. *A limited number of spaces may have hummingbird feeders. See the manager to obtain authorization to hang a hummingbird feeder.


I hereby authorize Weil Construction, LLC, dba Pioneer RV Park, via its members, employees or volunteers to take my photograph while engaging in park events and/or activities and to use said photographs or any other image or likeness of myself to promote Pioneer RV Park via any type of promotion or in promotional materials which I understand include both print and electronic media. I understand that I will not be compensated for any such use of my photograph and/or image and hereby waive any right I may have to compensation. This authorization extends beyond my tenancy.


All contractors must be licensed and insured and must check in at the front desk every time they enter the park. Tenants are responsible for any damage caused by contractors. Large trash bins are conveniently located throughout the park. Please tie all garbage in plastic bags and crush boxes. It is illegal to discard batteries, motor oil, tires and other hazardous materials in the trash. Please do not leave trash around the trash bins. I have reviewed and agree to abide by the park’s Rules & Regulation & Fee Schedule and I understand I may be immediately evicted if I do not follow these Rules & Regulations. I understand I am liable for any and all damage I cause to any person, the park, the park’s infrastructure and/or other tenants’ property. I agree to indemnify and hold Pioneer RV Park, Weil Construction, LLC, its members, managers, the employees and owners harmless in the event I cause damage to any other person or property during my tenancy.

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